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Creative technology
Patent technology that will change the world!
The method of entering link information in the picture is very simple.
Want it? Just touch it! Go straight to the new world in the picture.
If you touch it, you can get the information directly.
'ttem' all content with patented image link technology!
Express ‘ttem’ with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) And look forward to the second edition of the patented moveable action tag.
Much information is linked to a single photograph, Settle at once
Escape from many records already written and all the hassles that need to be newly created!
Identify popular contents and needs with pictures and tags.
Based on the user's experience, scientifically predicts the user's usage pattern, customer's interest and needs.
It's not all about viewing photos anymore!
Conversion of new sales methods
New sales methods and innovations in marketing due to introduction between people and people